My favorite webbased to-do list managers

In this modern life everybody has to do lots of tasks during their day to day life. And its very important to remember and handle these tasks. There are so many ways this. Ofcourse one simple ways is the to-do list managers. And for a person who’s work is related to Computer field the web based manager is the best option. Lots of to-do list manager applications are available in the web now. Most of them have a great, easy usable interface and have it’s own unique features. Among those to-do list managers am listing three here. Yea these are my favorites…


Orchestrate‘ is following a unique method to help you ogranize your to do lists. Its very simple and eye catching one. Rather then simply allowing you to create a list, it lets you create multiple lists each with their own name. Orchestrate then allows you to select the ones you want to see and display them in your little workspace. You can have them all open at once or just a select few, as well as get a basic overview of all lists. Orchestrate has a neat interface with a lot of your usual Web 2.0 type design elements with Ajax and Javascript animations.


Remember the Milk‘ allows you to organize your tasks into tabs and tags, make time specific tasks with automatic reminders and repeat intervals, and even has collaborative features. Remember the Milk may have a lot of functionalities. Although, even if you use it with the bare-minimum functionality, you’ll eventually start using all the features. Its has a gadget to the Google personalized desktop and which will be very helpful for a google desktop user.


voo2do‘ Advanced task and priority management system.It features organization by project, deadlines and time tracking, collaborative functionality and many more. This is very helpful for a person who is working in different projects at a time. Or we can divide the task to different projects to manage.

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