Email validation in Java

Validating the mail very effectively, is little difficult. Most of the programers will search for a code for this to make their work easier. Here is a simple code for validating your email in Java.
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14 thoughts on “Email validation in Java

  1. Awesome…..This sounds a more professional approach and also saves time in writing one’s own implementation

  2. hi

    please give me the exact path to download the apache.commons-validator.jar file…. am not able to get the path… please help me immediately…..

  3. I must say I’ve never looked at commons-validator before… I must say: I’ve been missing out! Very cool stuff (typical of most of the commons).

    The only problem I’ve had recently with commons was when I downloaded fileupload, only to find that it now has a dependency on io. Meh… I like my API’s to have velocity style “dep” JAR’s that include all the dependencies, so that I don’t have to download them…. I’m lazy 😛

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