Sun Tech Days : In Hyderabad


Yesterday I had attended Sun Developers Conference held here in Hitex Convensional center, Hyderabad, India. It was day ONE of three days conference.  The day ONE was really interesting and informative for me. Got an overview about the new Sun techs and got chance to interact with a lot of developers working in Java.

We reached there aroung 9.30 in the morning and done with our registration formalities. The first seesion as Sun keynote bye Rich Green, Executive Vice President, Software, Sun microsystems. After that there was a Demo showcase in which SIX SUN java professionals presented some software demos. Those were in jMaki, Sun SPOTS, J2ME, Swing, JavaFX etc. There are 30 sessions total in the First day and those are from 5 different categories. Five sessions are going on the same time and the whole day is divided in to Six layers. So a delegate can select a session as per his/her taste. If a person is attentding full sessions then they can attent maximum 6 sessions in a day.

The Sessions which I had attened are

1. JEE , Glassfish and their future

2. Testing with Junit and other Testing tools

3. Rapid development with Ruby, JRuby and rails

4. Java Persistence API : Further simplifying persistence.

5. Java troubleshooting tips.

6. JEE with Spring ad Seam.

You can check the other sessions here

The first day ended with a Welcome reception – delicious Dinner and a Music Mela. 🙂 You can read more about each sessions in my next posts…

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