Why do I blog? …..its because of this 7 reasons :)

“Why do you blogging?” this is the question which always had in my mind at the time of starting of my blog. Then I had only one answer. I just want to update my knowledge. And I think for good blogging, specially for Technical blogging we need to go through latest technologies.

Do you know now, after TWO long years of blogging I am very much satisfied with my efforts. It helped me to update my knowledge, got lot of friends through blogging, lot of interaction with the great people through blog comments as well as through mailing, getting good appreciation from the people who don’t even know me. Thanks to Mr.Abrachan, the man who asked me to to start a blog. He only told me about the advantages of blogging at my starting time. Thank you very much Mr.Abrachan. I really remember you…

Now just let me ask the same question to me itself.  Why should I blog? Now I have some well defined answers… 🙂

  1. It updates my knowledge: I have really realized that writing on a topic helps me think better and deeper in that technology area. I am going through so many feeds, technology links to get more knowledge about that topic . This is very helpful to me as a person who want to know more about the upcoming technologies. It also helps me to work better for my company too.
  2. Sharing my knowledge: I am blogs about the works done by me. When I am going through something new in my working life then I am trying to blog that information. Hoping that it will be helpful to others. Because In my life so many blog posts helps me to do my work perfectly and “I just want to be one of them for others”.
  3. For future reference: Yea!! really. It helps me to. When I come across any errors or exceptions which stuck me for a long time, I do blogging them. With the exact problem and its solutions. This certainly will help me in the future. And for others too. Simply in one word,  “this is the  better way of archiving my thoughts and knowledge”.
  4. To create a Personal Voice: Express yourself!. I can express my thoughts about the latest things here and its an area where I will get the comments from other peoples about it.
  5. Connect with Co-Workers/Employees: It helps me to keep in touch with my friends. They can also learn the new technologies which I am going through as well as they can get the solutions of the problems which I had faced in my working time.
  6. Brand Recognition and Conversations: Blogging lets me have conversations. Multiple posts on a topic across multiple blogs weaves into a common thread that builds into a conversation.
  7. Blogging is a good way to meet people: Another aspect of the conversations is to connect with others, which would simply not be possible otherwise. Blogging is a discovery vehicle that introduces me to new people based on the criteria I want. And very soon you can build relationships out of these, which is what has brought me here on this wonderful blog.

Thank god for every thing that you given to me. Without you I am nothing.

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