Creating Web services using Apache CXF (Part 4): Testing

To test this we can follow the same client program which is given in the CXF site. Just create a simple Java class and execute it. 1: package; 2: 3: import java.util.List; 4: 5: import org.apache.cxf.interceptor.LoggingInInterceptor; 6: import org.apache.cxf.interceptor.LoggingOutInterceptor; 7: import org.apache.cxf.jaxws.JaxWsProxyFactoryBean; 8: 9: import; 10: import; 11: 12: public final class […]

Creating Web services using Apache CXF (Part 3): Configurations

Web.xml Declarations We have to declare Spring Context Listener, CXF Servlet, Spring Context Location and URL Mapping. 1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 2: <web-app id="services" version="2.5" 3: xmlns:xsi="; xmlns="; 4: xmlns:web="; 5: xsi:schemaLocation=" 6:"&gt; 7: 8: <!– Adding the Spring Context Listener. It will help to init Spring Context –> 9: <listener> 10: <listener-class> org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener […]

Creating Web services using Apache CXF (Part 2): Development

We need to set-up the project  environment first. Please download the following JARs. Versions Used : CXF 2.2.2           Download Link : CXF Site Download Link Spring 2.5.6       Download Link : SpringSource Download site The following jars are required for all CXF usage: But you will be getting it through CXF Download. – cxf.jar – commons-logging.jar – […]