Compass – A java search engine framework build on Lucene

Compass is a first class open source Java Search Engine Framework, enabling the power of Search Engine semantics to your application stack decoratively. Built on top of the amazing Lucene Search Engine, Compass integrates seamlessly to popular development frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. It provides search capability to your application data model and synchronizes changesContinue reading “Compass – A java search engine framework build on Lucene”

Lucene : Integrate advanced search functionalities into your apps

Lucene is a powerful and widely used open source full-text search engine written in Java. Lucene is well known for its full-text indexing and searching, but some of its more advanced features, such as multi-criteria searching and filtering, and sorting, are less well known. As a full-text search engine, Lucene needs little introduction. Lucene, anContinue reading “Lucene : Integrate advanced search functionalities into your apps”

Log4j levels

Using Log4J (, which is generally accepted as the benchmark for all Java applications. This provides the following logging levels. FATAL ERROR WARN INFO DEBUG TRACE – from 1.2.12, latest is 1.2.13 A description for what handling should occur per logging level. FATAL. As the name suggests, all processing should stop. Should logging include aContinue reading “Log4j levels”