The new version of Compass is released

The third milestone release of version 1.1 ( version 1.1 M3) of COMPASS is released. It includes the following major features… Support for polymorphic relationships Better cyclic mappings support FS Transactional Log Runtime Settings JdbcDirectory support Oracle 9 Initial XA Support Performance Improvement At the same time one other important news is that, hibernate isContinue reading “The new version of Compass is released”

jTrac : a lightweight Bug tracking system build on Spring

Have you ever used jTrac? … If you want to track the errors and issues causing with in the development or testing environment then, I am sure this will be better option for you. jTrac is a web-based application ideal for issue tracking with built-in workflow. It is a lightweight J2EE application built on theContinue reading “jTrac : a lightweight Bug tracking system build on Spring”

ICEsoft™ Open Sources ICEfaces™

ICEfaces also released as opensource under the Mozilla Public License, on this Tuesday :). ICEfaces is a profoundly powerful extension framework for JavaServer Faces which provides excellent Ajax integration with no heavy lifting. This extends JavaServer Faces, enabling Java developers to more easily create and deploy thin-client rich Web applications in Java technology. ICEfaces applicationsContinue reading “ICEsoft™ Open Sources ICEfaces™”