The new version of Compass is released

The third milestone release of version 1.1 ( version 1.1 M3) of COMPASS is released. It includes the following major features…

  • Support for polymorphic relationships
  • Better cyclic mappings support
  • FS Transactional Log
  • Runtime Settings
  • JdbcDirectory support Oracle 9
  • Initial XA Support
  • Performance Improvement

At the same time one other important news is that, hibernate is already started to add more features which will helpful to integrate Lucene directly to an application without using Compass framework.

Read more about this from it’s founder’s blog
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jTrac : a lightweight Bug tracking system build on Spring

Have you ever used jTrac? … If you want to track the errors and issues causing with in the development or testing environment then, I am sure this will be better option for you. jTrac is a web-based application ideal for issue tracking with built-in workflow. It is a lightweight J2EE application built on the Spring Framework and Hibernate. This is designed to be generic, you can customize fields to track items (like bugs) & allocate tasks etc. It has a simple user interface and using a small database called HSQLDB. To use the jTrac we just have to do the following. Copy the war file to the servlet-engine then start it 🙂 . HSQLDB will automatically starts at the time of engines startup.

Some features of the jTrac are listed below

  • Add custom fields and drop downs
  • Per-project customizable workflow
  • Field-level permissions
  • Detailed history view
  • E-mail notifications
  • File attachments
  • Full text search
  • Search and filter even on custom fields
  • Dashboard view of statistics
  • Export data and search results to Excel
  • Support for anonymous browsing of projects
  • Relate items to each other, e.g. “duplicate of”, “depends on” etc.
  • Support for all popular databases
  • Database upgrade and migration scripts available
  • Embedded database and web-app server – download and start using right away!

If you want to refer more about its features then please visit here
You can download it from here and the newest version available is 2.0-RC3-update1.

Reference: jTrack Home

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ICEsoft™ Open Sources ICEfaces™


ICEfaces also released as opensource under the Mozilla Public License, on this Tuesday :).
ICEfaces is a profoundly powerful extension framework for JavaServer Faces which provides excellent Ajax integration with no heavy lifting. This extends JavaServer Faces, enabling Java developers to more easily create and deploy thin-client rich Web applications in Java technology. ICEfaces applications are Java technology based applications, not JavaScript applications

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Five Advantages of Spring Framework

1. Spring Provides Better Leverage

2. Spring Enables POJO Programming

3. Dependency Injection Helps Testability

4. Inversion of Control Simplifies JDBC

5. Spring‘s Community Thrives

Read more on this here

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