Test your Spring – Hibernate Applications using Unitils

Unitils is an open source library aimed at making unit testing easy and maintainable. Unitils builds further on existing libraries like DBUnit and EasyMock and integrates with JUnit and TestNG. This article will help you to test Spring- hibernate applications easily using unitles. Technorati: spring, hibernate, unitils

Hibernate – Difference between session’s get() and load()

Today I went through a great post by Mr. Ganeshji Marwah which will be very useful to beginners. This post is regarding with the difference between Hibernate session’s get() and load() methods. As he describes it is very helpful to improve the performance level. Please click here to visit this post. Technorati tags: Hibernate

‘Hibernate Dialect property’ for Different Databases

Hibernate is the most common and famous ORM using these days. It has a property called “Dialect” through which we tells Hibernate that we are using ‘this specific’ database. Here in this post you can see the dialect property values which we have to give for different databases. Click here to Read Full Article