Commonly used Generators in ‘Hibernate’

Generator Description increment It generates identifiers of type long, short or int that are unique only when no other process is inserting data into the same table. It should not the used in the clustered environment. identity It supports identity columns in DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase and HypersonicSQL. The returned identifier is ofContinue reading “Commonly used Generators in ‘Hibernate’”

The new version of Compass is released

The third milestone release of version 1.1 ( version 1.1 M3) of COMPASS is released. It includes the following major features… Support for polymorphic relationships Better cyclic mappings support FS Transactional Log Runtime Settings JdbcDirectory support Oracle 9 Initial XA Support Performance Improvement At the same time one other important news is that, hibernate isContinue reading “The new version of Compass is released”

jTrac : a lightweight Bug tracking system build on Spring

Have you ever used jTrac? … If you want to track the errors and issues causing with in the development or testing environment then, I am sure this will be better option for you. jTrac is a web-based application ideal for issue tracking with built-in workflow. It is a lightweight J2EE application built on theContinue reading “jTrac : a lightweight Bug tracking system build on Spring”