10 Sure Signs You Are Doing Maven Wrong

This post is a pointer to a very good article in Cubeia Ltd. It contains 10 mistakes which usually developers doing the process of maven implementation. Being a person who participated ant to Maven migration process, I really interested to read this one. Hope this help you people also. >> 10 Sure Signs you areContinue reading “10 Sure Signs You Are Doing Maven Wrong”

Configuring "Cruise Control" with "Maven2" and "Subversion 1.4.6" for continuous build environment

Continous Integration build system is very useful in a software development company where members of a team integrate their work frequently. It reduces the wastage of time and at the same time it helps us to maintain all the builds up to date. Previous week we also configured a continous build flow in our R&DContinue reading “Configuring "Cruise Control" with "Maven2" and "Subversion 1.4.6" for continuous build environment”