TWO good slide shows about use of Web 2.0 in Enterprise world

The following two presentations by Enterprise 2.0 Bloggers Scott Gavin and Daniel Siddle are simply great ones. If you have some time to spent then check it once. I am sure it will be helpful to you. These slideshows are very much helpful to know about the extended use of Web 2.0 in our enterprise world. I got these from Mr.Jonathan’s blog.

Meet Charlie’ is a walk through of the web based knowledge and communication tools used by an internet savvy Project Manager. 

Daniel Siddle has written ‘Meet Charlotte’ as a response. If ‘Charlie’ is where early adopters are trying to lead Enterprise IT, then ‘Charlotte’ is a brilliant contrast as to where we are now.

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Web 2.0 Graphics tutorials Wow!!!

Do you like the Web 2.0 graphics? I know you will. Its really attractive. And do you like to go through some of its really good tutorials? Then please visit here. This will be very much helpful to yopu to become an expert in Web 2.0 graphic desiging.

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Web 2.0 user interface technologies

Here is an interesting and useful article from IBM developer works. Its about the web 2.0 user interface technologies. He explains about the technologies like
* Flex and OpenLaszlo
* IBM® Workplace™ Managed Client and the IBM Lotus® Expeditor
* Faces Client Components
* Ajax
* HTML etc.
Article : Web 2.0 user interface technologies

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Picnik: Free online photo editing program


Picnik is an free online photo editing program, completely powered by Flash, and includes a notable abundance of helpful attributes within its simplistic core. Grabbing images from either your computer, your Flickr account, a desired website, Yahoo! search, or even your web cam (if you have it conveniently installed), are just of the few accommodating features Picnik delivers to its users.

You can read in-depth walkthrough of this useful site here in Solution watch.

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