The new attractive features of JDBC 4.0

Java SE 6.0 is expected to be released in October 06. An important part of the new version of Java is the new JDBC 4.0 API. JDBC 4.0 brings several changes to JDBC, but its top priority is making things easier for developers.

Interesting developments in JDBC 4.0 are:

1. No need to explicitly load JDBC drivers using Class.forName() to register a JDBC driver. The DriverManager class takes care of this automatically.
2. Java SE Service Provider mechanism as another means to specify database drivers
3. Specify SQL queries using Annotations
4. Bundled database based on Apache Derby
5. SQL 2003 support, including support for XML as a native database data type
6. Improved exception handling with new exception classes
7. A new DataSet interface. When used in a connected mode, the DataSet functions in a manner similar to ResultSet. A disconnected DataSet functions in a manner similar to a CachedRowSet. You can navigate, modify and delete records in a DataSet.

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Flexy Flex from Adobe

“Moreover, MXML – the language on which the Flex 2 framework runs – takes such a minimalist approach to developing Web UIs that it beats Ruby and all other Java Web frameworks hands down. So it’s worth your while to try rich Internet application programming with Flex 2. You’ll think twice before using Java or any server-side scripting language to write Web UIs.”

Mario Morejon, CRN Test Center

Today I used Adobe Flex, the new emerging web designing as well as programming tool. Flux is great. Being a J2EE developer as well as an eclipse user, its eclipse nature helped me to do some works with it. Yeah its really interesting to me. After that I had searched for some more practical comments about this Flex work and happened to see the following posts.

One is about its troubles :Trouble with Adobe Flex

Another one is an interview with an expert Web programmer Anatole Tartakovsky of Farata Systems :Adobe Flex 2 – Answering Tough Questions About Enterprise Development

Sounds interesting..right?

Latest Developments in the .Net World

If you are a .Net developer and you want to know the latest technologies in .Net field then this link will help you sure.Latest Developments in the .Net World It consists of an article from

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