No need to Search !!! just ask to Ms. Dewey :)

Hey, Do you know Ms. Dewey? No??? Okay I will introduce her. It is a search engine owned by Microsoft. The Ms. Dewey website is an Adobe Flash-based experimental interface for Windows Live Search. Ms. Dewey is a fully animated search assistant who audibly comments on searched keywords in her own style and makes randomContinue reading “No need to Search !!! just ask to Ms. Dewey :)”

ICEsoft™ Open Sources ICEfaces™

ICEfaces also released as opensource under the Mozilla Public License, on this Tuesday :). ICEfaces is a profoundly powerful extension framework for JavaServer Faces which provides excellent Ajax integration with no heavy lifting. This extends JavaServer Faces, enabling Java developers to more easily create and deploy thin-client rich Web applications in Java technology. ICEfaces applicationsContinue reading “ICEsoft™ Open Sources ICEfaces™”

Two interesting feautures of the Firefox address-bar

Secure sites If we’re connected to a secure site, then the address bar will have a padlock by the arrow on the right and the background will turn yellow. The padlock also appears on the status bar as normal. Therefore, if the address bar isn’t yellow, then it’s not safe to give over credit cardContinue reading “Two interesting feautures of the Firefox address-bar”