Sun to shine on AJAX

Sun Microsystems will shine more light on accommodations for AJAX in their future projects. They will also provide an update to Java Server Faces(JSF) component for Web application development. Through this sun focusing on making the Javascript more available to the developers. Through this accomodation with javascript will make AJAX much much simpler.

One of their future project “jMaki” enables Java developers to use JavaScript in Java applications as either a JSP (Java Server Pages) tag library or a JSF component.Basically, jMaki will generate all the JavaScript, everything necessary to put that in the page for the developer. Sun is planning to release a beta version of jMaki in this November itself.
Another upcoming openspurce project, “Phobos” is a way to script server-side code in JavaScript, rather than write a JSP page or a servlet. The technology is planned for release early next year.
Sun anticipates making jMaki and Phobos add-ons to the Java Enterprise Edition 5 platform.

The future of JSF, meanwhile, involves an upgrade being called Project Dynamic Faces or JSF 2.0. This version will extend the component model for server-side components to better support AJAX. This release is driven by feedback from users who seek AJAX functionality, but want a strict programming model for the server, which JSF provides.


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