“Google Answers” is shutting down…


Google took the decision to shutdown Google Answers; a service that allows users to pose a question to a panel of researchers and pay for a helpful answer. The service, which started about four years ago, failed to gain much traction with users, especially when compared to a rival service offered by Yahoo, which is free. At Yahoo Answers, anyone can ask questions and he can select the best answers to each. The other members will get the oppertunity to rate each answers.
‘Google Answers’ is only stoped receving the new questions. It still provides the facility to search the existing answers through the search box or the category links poviding there.

Google Answers, Yahoo Answers
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One thought on ““Google Answers” is shutting down…

  1. Hey, I just realized that you’ve linked to my site sometime in August, specifically my post about the troubles with Flex. While I think you got my link switched up with another in the same post, I’m still thankful for the attention.

    I guess whether something is free or not is alot more important on the web than elsewhere. If you’re in a supermarket, price and quality are of equal importance since everything costs at least some money and paying is simple. On the web, just doing something instead of going through the extra step of paying for that something is better.

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