Lets park under Solar Trees :-) :- Google’s Solar parking space…

Parking lots are the traditional wasteland of the suburban biosphere. But Google is turning this land into a farm of Solar Trees to generate Power. Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters is getting a 1.6-megawatt solar system — enough to power about 1,000 homes — that will feed about 30 percent of the complex’s power demand.Continue reading “Lets park under Solar Trees 🙂 :- Google’s Solar parking space…”

TEN web 2.0 applications are frequently using by me.

In my daily life I am using some of the Web 2.0 applications very frequently.  Here is the list of first TEN apps. 1. Gmail : My mail Box 2. Google Reader : To update my knowledge 3. WordPress : To express myself. 4. Google Docs : For storing and editing my Docs online. 5.Continue reading “TEN web 2.0 applications are frequently using by me.”

How Google Calculates the Page Rank?

  Factors that can increase your Google PageRankNow the Google PageRank algorithm can be very complexed, but yet friendly invention. Here is a list of things that could help boost you Google PageRank, with a rating scale beside it of how important we think it is. Update Pages Frequently 2/10 Add Pages Frequently 4/10 GoodContinue reading “How Google Calculates the Page Rank?”

Google’s Gmail Offline is coming

According to some newspaper resources, Google has already developed an offline version of Gmail that is likely to be made available within this year.  Like Google Reader which lets you work offline using Google Gears, GMail users will be able to interact with their GMail account even when they don’t have an active Internet connection.Continue reading “Google’s Gmail Offline is coming”