CeWolf : a tag library for charts of all kinds

Cewolf is a “tag library for charts of all kinds. It enables every JSP to easily embed chart images. It can be used by any web applications running in a servlet container.” It is very simple to use and very powerful in any kind of web application. Integrating Cewolf with Spring won’t take a lot of time as well.

To start working with Cewolf you should read a quite short tutorial on project’s site http://cewolf.sourceforge.net .It describes the basics: how to configure web.xml file, what libraries must be included into project.

Reference : here 

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One thought on “CeWolf : a tag library for charts of all kinds

  1. Pls answer to these Questions:ajohnpaulmca@yahoo.com
    Can CeWolf take data from database,JSF,JSTL,Struts and other.
    Most important thing i would like to ask is can the charts be updated
    if values representing the chart changes.

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