Vodafone starts YouTube service


Vodafone users can now access YouTube, eBay and MySpace Mobile phone firm Vodafone is to enable users to access and update video website YouTube via their handsets, in its third internet tie-up this week. The YouTube service will initially be available to Vodafone’s UK customers before spreading to other countries.

The happy news for the me is that Vodafone is going to buy HUTCH in india 🙂 . You can see this announcement in the home page of vodafone.

Source: BBC

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3 thoughts on “Vodafone starts YouTube service

  1. sami yusuf la ilgili bütün videoları adresime gönderirmisiniz lütfen acele işim var.adresim;e.yusuf8090@hotmail.com bekliyorum.

  2. Ohh ic

    Actually in india here now a “cell-phone” boom is going on. Companies are making more offers. Do u kw in our state, kerala everybody (~60% – not joke) have cell-phones and its increasing faster. Probly this will follow in your country too. No time is needed for this dear.

  3. That is seriously cool. Unfortunately I live in South Africa, where Vodafone was denied a license to operate, so they have to provide services through our largest operator, who the government has a huge vested interest in. So… meh… Cell Phones are just expensive in this country, I can make a land line call to anywhere in Europe for less than a local cell-phone call.

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