Vodafone starts YouTube service


Vodafone users can now access YouTube, eBay and MySpace Mobile phone firm Vodafone is to enable users to access and update video website YouTube via their handsets, in its third internet tie-up this week. The YouTube service will initially be available to Vodafone’s UK customers before spreading to other countries.

The happy news for the me is that Vodafone is going to buy HUTCH in india 🙂 . You can see this announcement in the home page of vodafone.

Source: BBC

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A birthday gift from Orkut – Google integrates Orkut with Google/YouTube videos


Its really surprised me today. Orkut is allowing to share videos through it. The day before yesterday was orkut’s 3r birthdy. May be this is a gift to the users from google through orkut. But now we can share your favourite videos uploaded on YouTube/Google videos by adding it’s URL in Orkut Video album. Orkut video help center will give you more information about this new feature.

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YouTube moves to ‘small screen’


An agreement between YouTube and US mobile firm Verizon Wireless will lead the popular video-sharing website extended to mobile phones. Users who subscribe to Verizon’s Vcast service will be able to view content on the YouTube website via their mobiles. The user can also post video clips from their phones to this site. Because of this feature anyone can capture small video clips using their mobiles and can upload them to YouTube directly. This will increase the use of YouTube as well as the popularity and usage of the mobile company. The trial of this will begin in this December.

Source : BBC

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