Spring IDE 2.0 M3

 The Spring IDE team has released the latest version of Spring IDE, which includes great visualizing support to increase productivity. Here is the text from official spring site.

The new features includes the highly-anticipated Spring Web Flow graphical visualizer and editor. The new support allows developers to edit XML-based flow definitions graphically, and enables greater productivity and communication with end users.

In addition to the graphical piece, Spring IDE 2.0 M3 also delivers a Web Flow XML editor that provides content assist and semantic validation to improve the quality of your flow definitions. : Source: www.springframework.org

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One thought on “Spring IDE 2.0 M3

  1. Tale of an Unknown Country Vol

    Adaptation: Sheldon Drzka

    What They Say

    Rosemarie is the princess of a humble kingdom. Her brother wants an alliance with a bigger and wealthier neighbor, so he promises her hand to Reynol, the mysterious prince of the other country. But Rosemarie is determined to know who this guy really is first (and maybe even sabotage the wedding plans in the process.) So she assumes the role of “Marie,” one of the maids in Reynol’s castle. Could it be that the young prince is not the ogre she imagined?

    The Review!


    The CMX Manga presentation of Tale of an Unknown Country is pretty good overall. The book has a simple cover design to it with an illustration of Marie in the middle in her maid uniform as though she just fallen on her bottom and there are a few flowers laying around her. The artwork is all kept to a box in the center so the logo sets separately from it above which gives it a somewhat pedestrian look in total. The back cover has a really nice image of Rosemarie and Reynol together with much fancier clothes that looks quite nice and shows off Kawase style [url=http://authenticcheapchristianlouboutinshoessale.webs.com]authentic christian louboutin shoes for less[/url] pretty nicely. The summary covers the basics of the premise pretty well so you know what you getting into, though it really covers just the first couple dozen pages and I can complain about that.

    I not much of a fan of CMX paper quality and that no exception here as it doesn feel all that good to me. That said, the reproduction of the work here is very solid with a clean look and no visible smudging or other problems. The translation reads smoothly for the most part as there was only one section that made me do a double take to try and get the flow of it. Sound effects are translated and replace the original text while still showing the same kind of style. This is a clean looking release that does the basics right in making sure it accessible to its audience.


    Originally serialized in Japan from 2001 to 2003, encompassing three volumes, CMX Manga has brought over another titles from Natsuna Kawase with Tale of an Unknown Country. Having fallen out of manga for awhile, I grabbed the first book off the shelf that I saw and sat down to read it to try and get myself back into the groove some. Reading through Tale of an Unknown Country, it was an interesting experience in trying to readjust to the format after taking a few years off from it. An early work by Kawase, it a series that I can easily see being part of the whole maid fetish of the time in Japan as well as something that fairly accessible and simple to newer readers.

    Tale of an Unknown Country revolves around a small country called Ardela, a place that survived well but mostly just on tourism and simplicity of life. In this kingdom, a young princess named Rosemarie has suddenly found herself set up for marriage to a prince in a nearby country called Yurinela. That country is the opposite in many ways as it large, very advanced and a strong promoter of the sciences and advancement. Rosemarie isn keen on getting married to someone she doesn know, never mind someone from this country, so she dresses up as a maid and enters into the service there so she can get close to this Prince Reynol to see who he really is. Yurinela is a potentially interesting country if only because they domed their entire place and they have a very different view of how a country should operate.

    Naturally, that only going to get a little bit of play in the grand scheme of things as Rosemarie, taking on the name of just Marie as she does her maidly duties, discovers that things aren all bad in Yurinela and that Reynol not that bad of a guy at all. If anything, she starts to feel really badly about deceiving him even as he piles on more and more work for her and she realizes that even if she likes him, she can marry him since he know that he deceived her. Her poorly thought out plan doesn work well at all and even worse when Reynol admits that he knew it was her and put her through all of that just because he figured she leave. But the fact that she stayed and started to learn and like Yurinela and him he far more interested in her now than he was before.

    What is a surprise is that this takes up very little of the book overall whereas I expected it to take up the entire thing if not the basis of the whole series. Marie ends up back in her country and Reynol comes to visit there, though they start bringing in more of their respective families and there more maid-time for others. The focus starts to shift more to Reynol and Rosemarie getting to know each other better, such as her taking him around Ardela or her time spent with his sister, Princess Maylin, who he thinks can learn a lot from what Rosemarie did in coming [url=http://authenticcheapchristianlouboutinshoessale.webs.com]black christian louboutin oxfords[/url] to Yurinela. The approval of other family members becomes one of the key things in this opening volume and as others start to appear that take an interest in Rosemarie since she such a find.

    In Summary:

    This opening volume has its story across four chapters as well as a standalone story called Magic that was pretty forgettable modern day school romance material. There is a good little bonus section that talks about the main book itself from Kawase as she details the country and characters a bit which is pleasant. At its core, Tale of an Unknown Country is a familiar tale that didn offer anything all that new overall. It has some appealing artwork, but nothing too detailed or rich, and the characters aren fleshed out all that much here as they don seem to have a lot of depth to them. I did like that it moved past the basic premise quickly and got on to other things, but it sort of sums up the feeling of the book overall. It comes across as a bit rushed, not fully thought out but mildly pleasant and simplistic. It essentially some light fun fluff that harmless and enjoyable, but will leave you hungry for something more afterwards.

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