A review of “Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development” book from Packt.

About Spring Web Flow Spring Web Flow allowing us to represent the UI flow in (part of) a web application in a clear and simple way. It has several advantages: The UI flow in a web application is clearly visible by looking at the corresponding web flow definition (typically in an XML file). Web FlowsContinue reading “A review of “Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development” book from Packt.”

A really good Spring book from Packt! “Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development”

If you know Spring Application Framework and keen to study its Web Strength specially its MVC and Web flow then this book will be a really better way for that. Packt published its latest book regarding one of the key member of Spring Family; “Spring Web Flow 2“.  It covers a lot many things likeContinue reading “A really good Spring book from Packt! “Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development””

Interface21 is now SpringSource

The Company behind the famous Spring Framework; interface21, is changed their name to SpringSource. As we all know Spring has proven to be more successful application framework, and has become a de facto standard for enterprise Java. It’s also growing in popularity on the .NET platform… Rod Johnson, the founder of interface21( now SpringSource) isContinue reading “Interface21 is now SpringSource”

Spring IDE 2.0 M3

 The Spring IDE team has released the latest version of Spring IDE, which includes great visualizing support to increase productivity. Here is the text from official spring site. The new features includes the highly-anticipated Spring Web Flow graphical visualizer and editor. The new support allows developers to edit XML-based flow definitions graphically, and enables greaterContinue reading “Spring IDE 2.0 M3”