RichFaces : Add more Rich features to your JSF Application

RichFaces is a rich component library FROM JBOSS for JSF. It is an advanced framework for easily integrating AJAX capabilities into your business application development. The latest version of RichFaces is 3.1.2.RichFaces differs from other AJAX approaches by enabling page-oriented AJAX support instead of the traditional component-oriented support. This means you can define an event in the page that invokes a particular AJAX request and then you can also define those areas of the page that need to be synchronized with the JSF Component Tree after this particular AJAX request is processed on the server.To find out its key features, functions, tutorials, Wiki and Downloads please visit this link.

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One thought on “RichFaces : Add more Rich features to your JSF Application

  1. Hi,
    How can we Integrate Dictionary with Richfaces and JSF Application ,like if user input a wrong keyword for search we can show him the right word…How can be we implement this Thing


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