Interface21 is now SpringSource

The Company behind the famous Spring Framework; interface21, is changed their name to SpringSource. As we all know Spring has proven to be more successful application framework, and has become a de facto standard for enterprise Java. It’s also growing in popularity on the .NET platform…

Springsource Logo

Rod Johnson, the founder of interface21( now SpringSource) is described about this change in their name.Words taken from the Founder’s Blog

We’ve evolved naturally to SpringSource. We are not making a fuss about it. It just makes so much sense for us to use the name that’s so close to what people naturally (and almost accidentally) use. It’s simply confusing to have a name that’s unnaturally distanced from the product we created and drive. Our tagline has always been “Spring from the Source,” making it easy to see what the new name should be. I’ve always loved the way the water associations from “Spring” made “Spring from the Source” so natural.Our name change underlines the depth of belief in our product and the evolution of our business model.

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