Which framework you will choose as the best one?

10 thoughts on “Which framework you will choose as the best one?

  1. Hi,

    Its nice that you asked, but some of these are not the full stack of a framework, they are part of the stack. GWT is the UI, it doesn’t deal with database or server.

    JSF is used by many frameworks as it is the view, ie Seam Framework which you left out, which I think is the best Java framework at the moment.

    Thanks, Philip

  2. The question lacks important information.

    Picking a framework, any framework, without an understanding of the project requirements, is a mistake.

    Different frameworks excel in different ways. The framework that an application is built on should not be done arbitrarily.

    What if you pick a great framework but, apply it to a problem where it is not best suited? This is the path to endless suffering.

  3. “What are you talking about? GWT-RPC uses Servlets to get Data, the entire client code is written in plain Java 5, not some dialect.”

    Well, I rest my case. Good luck with your GWT Java(!) framework.

    1. Dan, you’re a weenie.

      GWT is the closest thing to taking us all back to desktop development. Because of the way the web was 1st made, we all had to deviate from normal app development to the page request/response model. We all agreed it sucked but we had to do it to do web development. Now, we’ve been doing it for so long, some of us (like you Dan) have forgotten that page request/response sucks. You’re having trouble thinking in any other way than that model.

      Javascript was never intended to be leveraged to the extent we push it to now in Web 2.0, but Java always was. GWT helps us to leverage the enterprise model of Java into corresponding Javascript code. If using GWT to translate Java code to Javascript code is a hack, then let me introduce you to an old Assembly developer that’s stuck in time like you are. He’ll tell you that any language that requires a compiler is a hack. You two can take turns flexing your old-tech muscles and measure to see which of you has the longest keyboard.

  4. What are you talking about? GWT-RPC uses Servlets to get Data, the entire client code is written in plain Java 5, not some dialect.

    Get your facts straight 😉

  5. GWT is not a Java Framework. It is a hack. It compiles Java source to Javascript not byte code. It is a mistake to put it up there among others. If you go with GWT, include .NET there as well since it has Java dialect as well.

  6. I believe that you should include Grails as an option. It is already used widely and should not just fail into Other option.

    So it obvious, my choice would be Grails 🙂

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