SpringSource Acquires G2One Inc (The company behind Groovy and Grails)

On November 11, 2008, SpringSource announced that it acquired G2One Inc Whats BIG in this? right? But once you hear more about the G2One then you will definitely get the importance of this acquiring. G2One is the company behind the popular  Groovy and Grails technologies. Groovy and Grails are the most popular application infrastructure solutions in the world. Groovy is one of the most popular alternative languages for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), with more than 30,000 downloads per month.

More about Groovy and Grails from their Official Site:

Groovy dynamic language for the JVM

Groovy is a dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine, that offers a flexible Java-like syntax all Java developers can learn in matter of hours, and provides features seen in other dynamic languages like Ruby, Python or Smalltalk. Groovy lets you leverage and protect your investments in developer skills, tooling or server software, while still allowing the creation of innovative software or business knowledge assets in the form of Domain-Specific Languages.

Grails agile web application framework

Grails is an advanced and innovative Web-application framework based on Groovy, and built on proven and performant Open Source bricks such as Spring, Hibernate, SiteMesh, Quartz, and Ajax libraries. Grails enables IT teams to establish fast development cycles through agile methodologies, to deliver quality applications in reduced amounts of time by applying principles like Convention over Configurationto simplify the development tasks and focusing on what really matters: the business of your users and the ease of use of the application you will deliver to them.

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