Setting the MS-SQL compatibility levels

sp_dbcmptlevel : This command is using to set certain database behaviors to be compatible with the specified version of SQL Servers. Example:    —-SQL Server 2005 database compatible level to SQL Server 2000 EXEC sp_dbcmptlevel <DBNAME>, 80; GO Version of SQL Server database can be one of the following: 60 = SQL Server 6.0 65Continue reading “Setting the MS-SQL compatibility levels”

SpringSource Application Management Suite (AMS) Beta Released

SpringSource Application Management Suite (AMS) is a comprehensive enterprise application management tool. It is designed to manage and monitor all of your Spring-powered applications, the Spring runtime, and a variety of platforms and application servers. SpringSource AMS is built on Hyperic’s HQ Enterprise Edition, a proven systems and applications management solution. Additional features of SpringSourceContinue reading “SpringSource Application Management Suite (AMS) Beta Released”