Six Possible solutions for JDBC – SQL Server Connection problem

 Here in this post I am writing about some possible solutions of JDBC – MS SQL server connection problem. During my work I had faced this problem and tried a little hard to findout the solution. In our project when we tried to connect to MSSQL Server, through its default port 1433 it thrown anContinue reading “Six Possible solutions for JDBC – SQL Server Connection problem”

Installing Subversion? Just follow this 7 Steps

During  this week I had installed and configured Subversion and Cruise Control in my office. We all know its relatively simple to configure these but then also here in this post I am just writing the installation and configuration of Subversion into some simple steps. Hope it will be helpful to any of you inContinue reading “Installing Subversion? Just follow this 7 Steps”

TestNG 5.6 and Junit 4.4 : which framework you will choose for unit testing?

As we all know JUnit is the most famous unit testing framework. Nobody needs any type of introduction for this small and easy framework. Most of the developers are using this as their unit testing framework in their day to day development life. And can I ask one question? Do you know TestNG? a unitContinue reading “TestNG 5.6 and Junit 4.4 : which framework you will choose for unit testing?”

Sun Tech Days : In Hyderabad

Yesterday I had attended Sun Developers Conference held here in Hitex Convensional center, Hyderabad, India. It was day ONE of three days conference.  The day ONE was really interesting and informative for me. Got an overview about the new Sun techs and got chance to interact with a lot of developers working in Java. WeContinue reading “Sun Tech Days : In Hyderabad”