A really good Spring book from Packt! “Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development”

Spring Web Flow Book from Packt

If you know Spring Application Framework and keen to study its Web Strength specially its MVC and Web flow then this book will be a really better way for that. Packt published its latest book regarding one of the key member of Spring Family; “Spring Web Flow 2“.  It covers a lot many things like Spring Faces ( Specially its inegration with JSF), Spring Web Flow (With its very Latest version) and Spring Security…The key point about the book is, it describes everything, starting from the basics like Installing and configuring the web flow to its unit testing. 

Do visit the home of  this  book from Packt through this link. Click here

Find out the Table of contents here. You can also do a free download of one Chapter.


SpringSource Application Management Suite (AMS) Beta Released

SpringSource Application Management Suite (AMS) is a comprehensive enterprise application management tool. It is designed to manage and monitor all of your Spring-powered applications, the Spring runtime, and a variety of platforms and application servers. SpringSource AMS is built on Hyperic’s HQ Enterprise Edition, a proven systems and applications management solution. Additional features of SpringSource AMS include:

  • Automatic discovery of Spring-powered applications on deployment
  • Automatic monitoring of a variety of Spring, third party, and stereotyped components running in your application. SpringSource AMS instruments a variety of components in the Spring Framework. Simply drop the instrumented jar files into your application, and SpringSource AMS will begin monitoring your application and exposing statistics via JMX. No additional configuration steps required!
  • Automatic monitoring of components of the Spring runtime, including the application contexts and bean factories

You can read more about its features in Jennifer Hickey‘s first post in Spring Team blog. This introduction part is also taken from her blog. I am only started to look into that 😉

Interface21 is now SpringSource

The Company behind the famous Spring Framework; interface21, is changed their name to SpringSource. As we all know Spring has proven to be more successful application framework, and has become a de facto standard for enterprise Java. It’s also growing in popularity on the .NET platform…

Springsource Logo

Rod Johnson, the founder of interface21( now SpringSource) is described about this change in their name.Words taken from the Founder’s Blog

We’ve evolved naturally to SpringSource. We are not making a fuss about it. It just makes so much sense for us to use the name that’s so close to what people naturally (and almost accidentally) use. It’s simply confusing to have a name that’s unnaturally distanced from the product we created and drive. Our tagline has always been “Spring from the Source,” making it easy to see what the new name should be. I’ve always loved the way the water associations from “Spring” made “Spring from the Source” so natural.Our name change underlines the depth of belief in our product and the evolution of our business model.

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Compass : now with more features…

Compass is a first class open source Java Search Engine Framework, enabling the power of Search Engine semantics to your application stack decoratively. Built on top of the amazing Lucene Search Engine, Compass integrates seamlessly to popular development frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. Now in the latest release Compass 1.2, they are providing search capabilities for object models also. Compass allows to map your domain model (Object, pure XML, and the map like Compass Resource) into the search engine simply using either xml or annotations, and integrates with leading ORM libraries (Hibernate, TopLink, OpenJPA) and web frameworks (Spring MVC, Grails) in order to simplify even more the introduction of search into an application.

When we started to work with Compass [with Spring framework and Hibernate and months before the release of Hibernate search] there were no good documentations at all about it. that time we want to use Lucene for our full text search purpose. But because of the complexity of Lucene integration we used Compass as a Mapping framework between Spring and Lucene. My friend Roshan had done a lot of efforts to complete that successfully. Only one or two examples are the guidelines for him. Now Compass is improved a lot. It has a well prepared documentation [ style is looking like Spring’s official documentation], more examples, more and more features… and …. Now Hibernate search is also came to help us for full text search in a great and easy way.

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