Spring Web Flow Portal

Erwin Vervaet, the father of the Spring Web Flow project, has announced the Ervacon Spring Web Flow Portal. The site provides developers with “from the source” articles and tips on Spring Web Flow usage.

For a person who is just starting to use Spring web flow, Erwin’s Practical Introduction will be very useful. He is also providing so many tips to improve our level through this portel.

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New Spring releases

Spring released the maintenance versions of its two mega frameworks. Spring2 ‘s second maintenance version Spring 2.0.2 and its web application controller framework Spring web flow’s first maintenance version i.e. Spring web flow 1.0.1 are released.

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JTrac 2.0 released

The open source issue tracker JTrac’s new version (v2.0) is released. This version is more flexible than the old versions. So many options like the new Dashboard which includes search, view status are more useful to the user. It also features multi-language support now. The latest spring technology “Spring web flow” is also used during it’s development.

Click here to visit JTrack’s home. To download click here

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