SQLyog: a MySQL front End

SQLyog is an all-round Management Tool (GUI / Frontend) for the MySQL database. It is supported MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.1.x. I think SQLyog provides an efficient and intuitive User Interface for management of MySQL database. It is at the same time an easy-to-use tool for beginners and an efficient timesaver for MySQL power users – Developers and DBA’s as well.

From the starting of my career I have been using the “MySQLfront” as my GUI tool for MySQL. But SQLyog is much much better than this and I think its the time to change. From this September onwards this is released as Open Source under the GPL license. We can download SQLyog from here

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One thought on “SQLyog: a MySQL front End

  1. hi all, thank you for good article. i came across sqlyog recommended by my friends. I was very impressed with the GUI. Its great front end tool. Everyone dba users should try Just have a look into it and feel the difference!!!

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