Building a LAMP server in Linux

In the previous week I had configured LAMP in our server. Being a person who had worked in php for some months, actually I was not much aware of setting this in Linux. On my php days I was only using the easy windows bundle “phptriad” for coding… Being a man who is not muchContinue reading “Building a LAMP server in Linux”

Uninstalling the Previous MySQL Installation in Linux

When we install the new version of mysql in linux then, if there is any old version is existing, it will show some conflict. So we have to remove the old files before proceeding further. The following commands will help you to do this. # rpm -qa | grep -i mysqllibdbi-dbd-mysql-0.6.5-7MySQL-python-0.9.1-9perl-DBD-MySQL-2.9002-1mod_auth_mysql-20030510-3php-mysql-4.3.3-6mysql-3.23.58-4mysql-bench-3.23.58-4mysql-server-3.23.58-4freeradius-mysql-0.9.1-1mysql-devel-3.23.58-4qt-MySQL-3.1.2-14 You will want toContinue reading “Uninstalling the Previous MySQL Installation in Linux”

SQLyog: a MySQL front End

SQLyog is an all-round Management Tool (GUI / Frontend) for the MySQL database. It is supported MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.1.x. I think SQLyog provides an efficient and intuitive User Interface for management of MySQL database. It is at the same time an easy-to-use tool for beginners and an efficient timesaver for MySQL powerContinue reading “SQLyog: a MySQL front End”