The first step to develop Spring Tool Suite

Interface21 announced that it has partnered with Tasktop Technologies, creators of the Eclipse Mylyn project, to develop the Spring Tool Suite.This new Spring-specific tool solution will build on Eclipse and Mylyn to dramatically reduce the complexity of enterprise Java application development and maintenance.Building on the existing success of Eclipse, Mylyn and Spring IDE, the Spring Tool Suite will simplify the large aggregation of tools used to develop complex enterprise Java applications, dramatically reducing information overload and streamlining developer workflow. And it is expected to be available in March 2008. You can find more informations and updates about this in the official site of Interface21.

Some Spring Tool Suite offers:

  • support for the latest Spring 2.0 features, including namespace-based configurations;
  • support for Spring Web Flow, including an extension to WTP’s XML editor for content assist, hyperlinking, validation, and graphical editing;
  • tools for Spring AOP based development, including support for validating configurations and visualization of cross cutting references;
  • support for Spring Java configuration.

Eclipse celebrating it’s 5th Birthday

It’s been 5 years since Eclipse was released as an open source project, so it is time to celebrate this special occasion. From the beginning of my professional career I am using Eclipse as my IDE and now I am really celebrating this occasion… 🙂

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Eclipse Dominates Grassroots IDE : An eWeek Report

The Eclipse platform dominated a straw poll on integrated development environments, more than doubling the ranking of the next closest IDE in the survey, Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

About 58 percent of developers polled said Eclipse is their favorite IDE. Visual Studio came in second with just over 18 percent of developers claiming it as their favorite.

The third place position was “text editor all the way,” meaning more than 14 percent of developers polled said they prefer to use text editors as their main development environment. Sun’s NetBeans came in fourth with nearly 8 percent. The fifth spot was taken by developers who simply responded: “IDE?” That accounted for 3 percent. Adobe Systems’ Dreamweaver was sixth with 1 percent, and Zend Technologies’ Zend Studio came in last with 0.67 percent.