Guice from google

Guice is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5 from the house of google. Guice injects constructors, fields and methods (any methods with any number of arguments, not just setters). Guice includes advanced features such as custom scopes, circular dependencies, static member injection, Spring integration, and AOP Alliance method interception etc. See more onContinue reading “Guice from google”

Searchmash: Another Google product

Searchmash mixes (mashes) the various types of searches from Google products like web sites, videos from You Tube and Google Video, images, blogs. The wikipedia search results are also mixed with it. It has a simpler interface and some useful user friendly features. There is a small “Ajax feedback” form too. Technorati : google, searchmash

A birthday gift from Orkut – Google integrates Orkut with Google/YouTube videos

Its really surprised me today. Orkut is allowing to share videos through it. The day before yesterday was orkut’s 3r birthdy. May be this is a gift to the users from google through orkut. But now we can share your favourite videos uploaded on YouTube/Google videos by adding it’s URL in Orkut Video album. OrkutContinue reading “A birthday gift from Orkut – Google integrates Orkut with Google/YouTube videos”