TEN web 2.0 applications are frequently using by me.

In my daily life I am using some of the Web 2.0 applications very frequently.  Here is the list of first TEN apps.

1. Gmail : My mail Box

2. Google Reader : To update my knowledge

3. WordPress : To express myself.

4. Google Docs : For storing and editing my Docs online.

5. Flickr : To store my camera views

6. Google Calender : To move according to my schedule

7. Orkut and FaceBook : For keep in touch with my friends.

8. Geni : To update, remember and keep in touch with my Family Members.

9. Linked In : Maintaining my small professional Resume

10. Library things : Member of world’s largest book club 🙂


A birthday gift from Orkut – Google integrates Orkut with Google/YouTube videos


Its really surprised me today. Orkut is allowing to share videos through it. The day before yesterday was orkut’s 3r birthdy. May be this is a gift to the users from google through orkut. But now we can share your favourite videos uploaded on YouTube/Google videos by adding it’s URL in Orkut Video album. Orkut video help center will give you more information about this new feature.

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Orkut is under Construction :)

Did u check orkut this morning? Its undergoing some works … I dont kw how much time they will take and which type of modifications they are doing right now. But I took one screenshot of that page. Just for a fun…Here is it.


… Click on the Image to Enlarge …

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