How will open source change Java?

Reference: Mr.Joshua Marinacci’s Blog Real bugs will be fixed faster and non-bugs will be closed faster than ever. Java won’t fork. Few developers will have incentive to fork Java. It’s a lot of work for little gain. Branches for new features or new platform support: yes. A true fork: no. Not even MS has muchContinue reading “How will open source change Java?”

12 BENEFITS of Spring MVC over Struts

Spring is a powerful Java application framework, used in a wide range of Java applications. It provides enterprise services to Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs). Spring uses dependency injection to achieve simplification and increase testability. 1. Spring provides a very clean division between controllers, JavaBean models, and views. 2. Spring’s MVC is very flexible. UnlikeContinue reading “12 BENEFITS of Spring MVC over Struts”