Quartz – an opensource Job scheduler

Quartz is a full-featured, open source job scheduling system that can be integrated with, or used along side virtually any J2EE or J2SE application – from the smallest stand-alone application to the largest e-commerce system. Quartz can be used to create simple or complex schedules for executing tens, hundreds, or even tens-of-thousands of jobs; jobsContinue reading “Quartz – an opensource Job scheduler”

Eclipse celebrating it’s 5th Birthday

It’s been 5 years since Eclipse was released as an open source project, so it is time to celebrate this special occasion. From the beginning of my professional career I am using Eclipse as my IDE and now I am really celebrating this occasion… 🙂 Want to send a e-Card to Eclipse? Click here TechnoratiContinue reading “Eclipse celebrating it’s 5th Birthday”

Spring Web Flow 1.0: The next generation web application controller framework

Spring Web Flow 1.0 has been released. This is a next generation web application controller framework that runs on Java SE 1.3 or greater, and Java EE 1.3 (Servlet 2.3, Portlet 1.0) or greater. The framework allows developers to define user interaction and application behavior as reusable, high-level modules called flows. The product is particularlyContinue reading “Spring Web Flow 1.0: The next generation web application controller framework”

SCJP 5.0 Free Mock Exam : Some links

Check these really good sites to test yourself or be familiar with the test format before go for the real exam. 1) http://www.jchq.net/ ( There will generate randomly one question per day for you to answer with full explanation full the answer ) 2) http://www.examulator.com/phezam/login.php ( Contain 60 question to answer and is a simulatorContinue reading “SCJP 5.0 Free Mock Exam : Some links”