Ten Souce code search engines

The use of Code search engines are very much increased now. These can help all programmers by quickly filtering billions of lines of source code, all from the default and familiar search interface, to reveal reusable code-snippets. Here you can see eleven links of code search engines/sites. 1. Google Codesearch 2. Koders 3. Krugle 4.Continue reading “Ten Souce code search engines”

Britney leads top searches ..

Singer Britney Spears was the most searched for term of 2006 using Yahoo’s search engine. Spears took premier ranking for the fifth time in the six years that Yahoo has been ranking annual search queries. Most of the days she is also maintaining the first position in Technorati search also. Source : BBC Technorati Tags:Continue reading “Britney leads top searches ..”

No need to Search !!! just ask to Ms. Dewey :)

Hey, Do you know Ms. Dewey? No??? Okay I will introduce her. It is a search engine owned by Microsoft. The Ms. Dewey website is an Adobe Flash-based experimental interface for Windows Live Search. Ms. Dewey is a fully animated search assistant who audibly comments on searched keywords in her own style and makes randomContinue reading “No need to Search !!! just ask to Ms. Dewey :)”

The new version of Compass is released

The third milestone release of version 1.1 ( version 1.1 M3) of COMPASS is released. It includes the following major features… Support for polymorphic relationships Better cyclic mappings support FS Transactional Log Runtime Settings JdbcDirectory support Oracle 9 Initial XA Support Performance Improvement At the same time one other important news is that, hibernate isContinue reading “The new version of Compass is released”