Step by Step Guide to create a sample CRUD Java application using MongoDB and Spring Data for MongoDB.

MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database. Instead of storing data in tables as is done in a “classical” relational database, it stores structured data as JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. This post contains steps to create a sample application using MongoDB and Spring Data for MongoDB. Spring Data for MongoDB ‘Spring data […]

Spring Interview Questions Part: 1

What is mean by Dependency Injection? Or What do you mean by Inversion of Control? Dependency injection (DI) is a programming design pattern and architectural model, sometimes also referred to as inversion of control or IOC, although technically speaking, dependency injection specifically refers to an implementation of a particular form of IOC. Dependancy Injection describes […]

A review of “Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development” book from Packt.

About Spring Web Flow Spring Web Flow allowing us to represent the UI flow in (part of) a web application in a clear and simple way. It has several advantages: The UI flow in a web application is clearly visible by looking at the corresponding web flow definition (typically in an XML file). Web Flows […]

Spring started its own Certification Program

SpringSource is announced its SpringSource Certification Program. This program has been created for software professionals (architects, developers and consultants) who desire to acquire certification of their Spring (and SpringSource product portfolio) knowledge directly from the source, SpringSource. To become a certified Spring Framework Professional, you must successfully complete a certification exam. A person is eligible […]