Three ways to integrate Struts applications with Spring

1. Use Spring’s ActionSupport
2. Override the RequestProcessor
3. Delegate action management to Spring

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CeWolf : a tag library for charts of all kinds

Cewolf is a “tag library for charts of all kinds. It enables every JSP to easily embed chart images. It can be used by any web applications running in a servlet container.” It is very simple to use and very powerful in any kind of web application. Integrating Cewolf with Spring won’t take a lot of time as well.

To start working with Cewolf you should read a quite short tutorial on project’s site .It describes the basics: how to configure web.xml file, what libraries must be included into project.

Reference : here 

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JTrac 2.0 released

The open source issue tracker JTrac’s new version (v2.0) is released. This version is more flexible than the old versions. So many options like the new Dashboard which includes search, view status are more useful to the user. It also features multi-language support now. The latest spring technology “Spring web flow” is also used during it’s development.

Click here to visit JTrack’s home. To download click here

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“Top 15 Ant Best Practices,” by Eric M. Burke

ONJava has posted “Top 15 Ant Best Practices,” by Eric M. Burke. I am just taking the 15 heads for the future reference.

1. Adopt Consistent Style Conventions
2. Put build.xml in the Project Root Directory
3. Prefer a Single Buildfile
4. Provide Good Help
5. Provide a Clean Target
6. Manage Dependencies Using Ant
7. Define and Reuse Paths
8. Define Proper Target Dependencies
9. Use Properties for Configurability
10. Keep the Build Process Self-Contained
11. Use Version Control
12. Use Ant as the Least Common Denominator
13. Use zipfileset
14. Perform the Clean Build Test
15. Avoid Platform-Specific Ant Wrappers

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