Interface21 is now SpringSource

The Company behind the famous Spring Framework; interface21, is changed their name to SpringSource. As we all know Spring has proven to be more successful application framework, and has become a de facto standard for enterprise Java. It’s also growing in popularity on the .NET platform… Rod Johnson, the founder of interface21( now SpringSource) isContinue reading “Interface21 is now SpringSource”

JTrac 2.0 released

The open source issue tracker JTrac’s new version (v2.0) is released. This version is more flexible than the old versions. So many options like the new Dashboard which includes search, view status are more useful to the user. It also features multi-language support now. The latest spring technology “Spring web flow” is also used duringContinue reading “JTrac 2.0 released”

12 BENEFITS of Spring MVC over Struts

Spring is a powerful Java application framework, used in a wide range of Java applications. It provides enterprise services to Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs). Spring uses dependency injection to achieve simplification and increase testability. 1. Spring provides a very clean division between controllers, JavaBean models, and views. 2. Spring’s MVC is very flexible. UnlikeContinue reading “12 BENEFITS of Spring MVC over Struts”